BackTalk Videográfica is a creative duo made up of Lani Rodriguez and Sarah Secunda. We create media that informs, provokes, and meets today’s urgent need for complex storytelling.

We surround ourselves with those who love their communities and value collaboration. We work with people, groups and organizations engaging with, challenging and changing our society.


design & illustration

i am proud to be a queer Latinx designer and illustrator from the san francisco bay area.

I draw inspiration from my immigrant family — the flea markets I grew up in; the family parties drenched in the scent of carne asada and the sounds of cumbia and merengue; my DJ brother’s 90s hip-hop and R&B records; and the cultural diversity of my city.

I was the first person in my immediate family to graduate from college (Sociology), and then to get a Master’s (Media Studies). When I discovered Sociology, I realized I’ve always felt like I had a foot in two places. My teachers taught me about power and gave me a larger context to understand myself. I learned about the importance of self-representation — the difference between who you’re portrayed to be and who you actually are.

I want to create work that respects all the communities I love. I design for everyone seeking to expand the language of possibility. I work with people compelled to create new visions of the world.

I’ve been fortunate to work with:

- Writer-director and Brown Girls
Doc Mafia founder Iyabo Boyd

The Creatively Speaking Film Series
- Emmy award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Maytorena Taylor
- The MacArthur funded documentary The Unafraid- The New School’s Doc Talk Series
- The queer, trans, and drag communities in Santa Clara, Cuba for the upcoming documentary  Queens of the Revolution



I thrive on creating media that challenges the narratives of power.

I love collaborating with people to make visuals that impact the cultural conversation.

I’ve worked with performers, activists, grassroots social movements, non-profits, entrepreneurs, museums, progressive TV shows and more.

In all situations, it’s important to me to have fun, experiment, and go beyond what’s considered possible. And once you’ve got me on board, I’m ride or die.

I’ve been fortunate to work with:

Lambda Literary Awards
The Laura Flanders Show
- Columbia University
- NYC Department of Education
Weeksville Heritage Center 
Museum of Impact
Agunda Okeyo
The Indypendent