backtalk videográfica is a visual resistance art studio made up of Lani Rodriguez and Sarah Secunda. We create media that informs, provokes, and meets today’s urgent need for complex storytelling.

We surround ourselves with those who love their communities and value collaboration. We work with people, groups and organizations engaging with, challenging and changing our society.

Lani Rodriguez (she/her) is a Bay Area-raised self-taught graphic designer and visual artist who specializes in artwork for films.

My work is informed by my working class immigrant background and is inspired by art that has emerged from Black and brown struggles for liberation. My graphic design work has supported films that have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and on platforms such as The Atlantic, PBS, and Topic.  

Sarah Secunda (they/ them) is a documentary cinematographer who thrives on creating media that challenges the narratives of power. 

I love collaborating with people to make visuals that impact the cultural conversation.

I’ve worked with performers, activists, grassroots social movements, non-profits, entrepreneurs, museums, progressive TV shows and more.

In all situations, it’s important to me to have fun, experiment, and go beyond what’s considered possible. And once you’ve got me on board, I’m ride or die.